— Project Planning

Scoping projects

Through its close collaboration with leading companies in the fields of rail and construction, Urban Thinking has gained crucial insight into the evolving needs of project managers and construction managers.

In parallel, our services have developed to satisfy the increasingly stringent requirement protocols for large infrastructure projects, not least in matters of environmental impact.

An important concern for our clients is public safety and quality of life: how best to design, plan and execute a project efficiently while minimising risk and inconvenience to the community. A highly visible aspect of this is the short-term or longer-term restriction of areas in the vicinity of construction works.

Viability checks

Urban Thinking’s primary mission is to bring its clients’ projects to realisation.

One of our first steps is to verify whether a proposed project is viable under current conditions. Our teams conduct a viability check before any construction work is commissioned. This identifies local authority guidelines or restrictions that could hinder a project, compromise its successful completion or even prevent it entirely.

The viability check also assesses each project’s suitability for its direct environment and the surrounding communities, while identifying the licences and dispensations that will enable it to go ahead.

Logistics planning; Process mapping & development; Personnel & resource planning

Urban Thinking’s clients benefit from our extensive end-to-end expertise in project management. It is rooted in an in-depth knowledge of urban site requirements and challenges – notably in London – and of suppliers in the construction industry.

Our teams apply recognised methodologies as they formulate logistics plans and define project flow, meeting and surpassing the standards for a high-performance project lifecycle.

When clients need to appoint and mobilise construction teams, Urban Thinking advises on how best to ensure that the right people are in the right place at the right time, equipped with the necessary tools and materials, and ready to work safely and efficiently – all set to complete the project on schedule and on budget.

Attentive to the health, safety and welfare of everyone involved in our clients’ projects, Urban Thinking is CDM 2015-compliant, adhering to its standards and code of ethics at all times.

Highways consultation; Traffic management

When handling site access and transport for a site, Urban Thinking applies an intelligent traffic-management concept that integrates our regulatory knowledge with our skills in project management and logistics.

Following traffic modelling and risk assessments, Urban Thinking organises:

  • temporary traffic regulatory orders
  • road closures
  • lane closures
  • bay and bus stop suspensions
  • banksmen
  • waterway closures
  • bridge closures
  • hazard identification and removal
  • site signage

Risk assessment/Health & Safety compliance

Here at “Urban Thinking” we ensure that our Clients feel secure in the fact, that with our support they’re businesses are fully compliant with the vast amount of health and safety legislation.
Covering all aspects of business risk. Urban thinking will provide;

  • Uncomplicated, seamless solutions to your identified hazards, during the risk assessment process.
  • Ensure that your employees and contractors are protected from the exposed risks during their work.
  • Provide total clarity about the risk and cost to your business.
  • Our Consultants will strike-up a close working relationship with their Clients to ensure that an outcome is achieved that is best for the Clients business.

Urban Thinking is there to reassure clients that they are compliant with the complexities of health and safety legislation and protecting their employees and contractors to best effect.

If a risk assessment identifies hazards, the specialists at Urban Thinking will find a practical, responsible way to obviate them. Once the project is underway, they will continue to monitor it closely, ready to advise on new risks or on opportunities for improvement. Whatever the situation, Urban Thinking commits to providing total clarity on the project and the costs of maintaining the highest standards in Health and Safety.

Budget management

Urban Thinking further proves its value to clients by taking an active role in planning and managing the budgets for which the agency is responsible. We make cost-effectiveness a priority, focusing on achieving objectives within the agreed budgetary limits.

In the first instance, we make a detailed cost analysis, identifying the suppliers of relevant servithat represent optimum value in meeting our client’s criteria and our own high standards. We then negotiate rates, fees and prices and brief client teams on implementation. In all this, our clients benefit from our long-standing strategic relationships in the sectors we cover, and from the preferential rates and service levels we enjoy as a result.

— We shape our cities; thereafter they shape us —