— Public Relations Services

At Urban Thinking, we believe that transparent and effective communication is key to nurturing relationships and instilling trust with stakeholders throughout your project's lifecycle. To this end, we provide a comprehensive suite of public relations services, allowing your organisation to concentrate on what it does best.

Our team doesn’t simply manage reputations – it fosters connections and perceptions that resonate in the construction, rail, utility, and urban development landscapes. We are passionate about supporting businesses that recognise the importance of community relations and uphold a credible sense of compliance with local and government regulations.

We are here to sharpen the tone and substance of your communications, to grow the positive perception of your organisation while protecting and building on your project’s reputation.


Effective communication with stakeholders underpins the success of any project. To achieve this, we at Urban Thinking harness the power of persuasive and intelligent copywriting. We believe words carry weight, that well-crafted communications can open dialogues, strengthen connections and can help propel a project's momentum to success.

Our expert copywriters understand that delivering engaging narratives while also presenting insightful information is a delicate balance. This understanding is backed by skills that blend creative storytelling with the essence of our clients’ vision. We translate your purpose into relatable content, fostering a transparent and constructive relationship with your stakeholders.

From meticulously curated newsletters that keep your stakeholders abreast of key developments to captivating and informative blog posts, our communications embody your project's heart and mind. Our well-honed ability to craft content that resonates with any audience can help give your project the voice it needs to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Social media management

In an increasingly connected world, a robust and purposeful social media presence forms the bridge between your project's activities and the wider community. Urban Thinking's dynamic social media management service supports you in shaping this crucial connection, fostering engagements that echo your vision and amplify your project's reach.

Our social media experts understand the nuances of various platforms, as well as their ability to mould public perception. They use this knowledge to curate engaging content, design impactful visuals and maintain a consistent communication style that resonates with your audience.

More than just crafting posts, our team devises comprehensive social media strategies that align with your project's objectives and advance your narrative in the digital arena. We emphasise not only on regular posting but also interactivity, conversation monitoring and audience engagement to shape a favourable online reputation.

Whether aiming to keep stakeholders informed, garner wider public acceptance or deal with crisis management, taking charge of your narrative on social media is imperative. Through Urban Thinking's social media management service, we work to ensure your project's story is heard, appreciated and shared, amplifying your digital presence and overall project success.

Crisis communications

Urban development projects thrive on meticulous planning, yet unexpected challenges are sometimes inevitable. During these critical moments, swift, effective communication is vital to manage perceptions and maintain stakeholders' trust. Urban Thinking's specialised team in crisis communications address these needs with strategic skill.

Understanding that every crisis demands a bespoke approach, we formulate and execute communication plans tailored to mitigate the situation’s impact. Our team possesses an in-depth comprehension of media landscapes and digital platforms, enabling us to better manage narratives, provide transparent updates and safeguard your project's reputation.

Pro-active preparation is crucial in crisis management. We provide the tools, guideline strategies and comprehensive support to brace you for potential crises, to help your organisation emerge with minimal impact and with maximum control over your narrative.We will support you in navigating unforeseen challenges, consolidating stakeholder trust and uplifting your project's standing.

General PR consultancy

In the realm of urban development and project management, a robust and coordinated public relations strategy is pivotal in influencing perceptions. At Urban Thinking, our general PR consultancy services offer you this critical advantage by providing comprehensive, coherent, and bespoke PR strategies that align with your business goals and project outcomes.

We navigate the intricacies of your project, identifying unique strengths, potential challenges and communication opportunities. Our consulting experts craft an integrated communications blueprint that encapsulates all the elements needed for a successful stakeholder relations plan, while also aligning with broader project goals.

Our PR consultancy is a partnership that moves beyond advice and planning. We work closely with your team, right from conceptualising strategies to execution. Our role is to amplify your narrative, manage your reputation and foster enduring relationships with key stakeholders.

With Urban Thinking’s general PR consultancy service, you gain more than a strategy – you gain a dedicated partner committed to maximising the opportunities your project brings to your business and its reputation. We are the catalysts who create and narrate your compelling story to foster trust, growth and fuel success.