— Stakeholder Communications & Liaison

Project impact area: catchment surveys

To gain essential strategic and practical insight into local areas, Urban Thinking runs surveys of residents and organisations in the zones that stand to be affected by a development project. Using the latest ordnance survey mapping and address data, these surveys create an accurate, up-to-the minute picture of the community. Respondents are selected and categorised according to carefully-defined geographical or demographic criteria that are agreed with our client, or defined by us in cases where noise, light or dust pollution is an issue.

Digital mapping

To gain an accurate picture of the relevant zones, Urban Thinking uses a proprietary mapping system, identifying the project impact area, the addresses it contains and other classification criteria.

Print & print management

Urban Thinking brings many years of experience to managing production and delivery of all types of printed matter. Keenly aware of budgets and deadlines, we calculate the impact that print communication will make on stakeholder groups and the responses it will prompt.

Print services —

  • Design
  • Print production (lithographic and digital)
  • Logistics
  • Fulfilment
  • Delivery


Enabling the accurate identification, profiling and understanding of target audiences – and leveraging the full potential of technology and data-sets – Urban Thinking runs a cross-channel consumer classification system.

Who are our target audiences?
What interests them?
What is the best way of talking to them?
When should we contact them?

The answers to these questions are the key to Urban Thinking’s success in communicating clearly and persuasively with the full range of stakeholders.

Complaints management

Even the best-run project can generate complaints. Urban Thinking’s expert call centres handle enquiries from stakeholders in a precise, customer-focused manner. Anyone who contacts our agents with a comment or complaint will be treated as an individual, not simply according to standardised processes. Our aim is always to achieve a resolution that is satisfactory to both our client and the stakeholder.

Drone site mapping

Urban Thinking advises clients on how best to make use of drone technology to put themselves at a further advantage through close, rapid aerial examination of a site and its surroundings.

Drone technology is transforming the process of performing topographic surveys, which can now be completed in minutes, accurately and safely with a minimum deployment of personnel. This exercise provides new insights and perspectives to inform strategic and tactical decisions.