— Public Consultation

Stakeholder & local authority meetings

— We shape our cities; thereafter they shape us —

Stakeholder groups, with their diverse opinions and needs, are central to Urban Thinking’s philosophy: they hold the key to successful outcomes for a development project.

At every stage we represent our client’s interests by first engaging with stakeholders, hearing their opinions and understanding their needs. This generates a stream of insights that feed into our strategic recommendations and precisely-targeted actions.

Public consultation is just one major aspect of this process. Urban Thinking puts expertise and effort into ensuring that meetings run efficiently and productively: we coordinate and optimize communication with interest groups, members of the public and opinion-formers; we inform and interact with them while initiating and cultivating valuable relationships, always with a view to furthering our client’s cause.

To build and leverage support for our clients’ projects, Urban Thinking identifies trends and closely monitors the evolution of opinion, responding both sensitively and astutely. Informing all our actions is experience gained through handling stakeholder communications and public relations for some of the UK’s largest infrastructure projects.

Information Gathering

At every stage of a project Urban Thinking places a special emphasis on ‘taking the temperature’ of the local community, engaging with stakeholders, closely monitoring opinion and gathering data for analysis. The resulting insights become integral to our actions and recommendations, guiding targeted communication, the way key relationships are shaped and the route for our client’s project as it moves forward.

Surveys & questionnaires; Data and metrics

The analysis and interpretation of data – on the environment, on wider trends and on local opinion – is central to Urban Thinking’s approach, and to optimising our clients’ rationales and decision-making.

Not only do we process and collate data efficiently, always establishing meaningful metrics, we present the results coherently, highlighting stakeholders’ wishes and concerns and signposting valid, actionable conclusions.